Our Sustainability services are designed to provide a complete programme of action from our bespoke gap analysis and service review, through executive briefing and staff training to implementation and reporting on results, or you can choose your service according to your needs.

All of our services will be adapted to your needs and can be delivered as ‘arms-length’ reports or embedded delivery working alongside your staff. We prefer to be ‘hands-on’ and work as closely with our clients as we can, but will always deliver according to your needs.

Let us know if we can help with any of the services below, or if you have any other requirements. In the unlikely event that we can’t help directly, we work with a network of like-minded agencies and consultants, so we feel sure we will be able to work with you to achieve your goals.

Executive Briefing

We monitor the rapidly changing landscape of sustainability. Our sectoral insights bring you up-to-date changes in technology, legislation and best practice innovations distilled into executive summary briefings which can be delivered in person or as written reports.

Sustainability Services - Executive Briefing from Seymour Associates
Sustainability Services - Executive and Staff Awareness Training from Seymour Associates

Executive and Staff Awareness Training

Whether high-level key issue guidance for Executive Board level or more in-depth awareness training for operational staff, we provide the right training solution for you.


We work with your teams to facilitate the implementation of your sustainability plans and monitor their success.

Sustainability Services - implementation of your sustainability plans from Seymour Associates
Sustainability Services - Sustainability Reporting from Seymour Associates


We will monitor and verify your sustainability performance collating data for internal and external reporting and linking performance data to financial performance. Our comprehensive reporting includes meeting legislative requirements and can be delivered in line with selected reporting standards.

Gap Analysis

Seymour Associates’ comprehensive analysis reviews your current performance to demonstrate where you are performing well, and not so well, so you can focus your efforts where they are most needed for the best results.

Sustainability Services - Sustainability Gap Analysis from Seymour Associates
Sustainability Services - Accessibility from Seymour Associates


Seymour Associates can review your facilities and help you to make sure your facilities are accessible to all and operate in line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and British Standard BS 8300.

Product and Service Review

Seymour Associates can review your current products, services and overall performance to highlight impacts and improve processes.

Sustainability Services - Product and Service review from Seymour Associates
Sustainability Services - Sustainability benchmarking from Seymour Associates


Seymour Associates benchmarks the performance of your organisation against others in the same sector.

Conferences and Public Speaking

Seymour Associates can create a compelling bespoke presentation for your meeting or event, relevant to your organisation and your audience.

Dr Russell Seymour, Founder and Principal Consultant at Seymour Associates. Public speaking

Can we help you?

We want to help you understand the performance of your organisation and the positive opportunities available to you.

We are confident that we can work with you and your staff for a more sustainable, accessible future for your organisation, so please contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.