Sport has to be brave – positive progress will be rewarded


Fans, sponsors and other stakeholders increasingly demand a more sustainable approach. We cannot miss this opportunity to increase value during this transition, says Russell Seymour

“Sustainability issues have been rising in the public consciousness over the last year or two, including among our fans and participants, so sport cannot ignore this. Three issues stand out: plastic waste, climate change and food.

Sport venues use large amounts of single-use, ‘disposable’ products; the unfortunate irony of these products is, though they are intended to be used for a short period of time, they can persist for many years. Their use is justified because we have to service high numbers of food and beverage customers in short periods of time; service has to be of high quality, but also fast so our customers don’t miss the main product which is being played out on the pitch (or course or fairway).”

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