Post-Covid-19 reset gives sport an opportunity to generate a new, cohesive narrative


By using nuanced language and coming together with a shared response, sport can aid the global recovery following the pandemic and address other sustainability issues

“In a recent article for The Economist, Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England and UN Special Envoy for Climate Change and Finance, observed that “many have compared the covid crisis to armed conflict”. He noted that “after the First World War was won, the rallying cry was to make Britain ‘a country fit for heroes to live in’.” 

Carney suggested “once this war against an invisible enemy is over, our ambitions should be bolder – nothing less than to make ‘a fit planet for our grandchildren to live on’.” A laudable goal, and one to be supported, but is invoking war metaphors productive? Can sport offer some alternatives? And what does this have to do with sustainability?”

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